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Academic Services

Academic Services


Our most important pursuit is the academic success of our student-athletes. Our professional staff partners with and supports our student-athletes with the transition from high school to the college setting. We provide an environment which fosters learning. The environment challenges student-athletes to grow intellectually and guides them to their interests and areas where they can excel and enjoy productive and meaningful lives.

Services provided include:

  • Academic Monitoring
  • Academic Progress Meetings
  • Academic Advising
  • Registration Assistance
  • Tutorial Assistance
  • Referrals to other departments
  • Structured Study Hours in the Academic Center
  • Community Service Opportunities
  • Career Development
  • Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC)

Each student-athlete signs a Buckley Amendment Release authorizing the Athletic Department to have access to their academic information. This allows the Student Services Staff to receive mid-term grades and progress reports from faculty members. Each student-athlete is then tracked to ensure academic eligibility and progress toward a degree.

Contact may be made with instructors and meetings are scheduled with a member of the Student Services Staff to discuss study skills, test-taking strategies, time management and/or goal setting. Academic Services is seen as a liaison for many different departments. Any student needing additional assistance may be referred to the appropriate campus office, such as Disability Support Services, Graham Health Center, Graham Counseling Center, the Advising Resource Center or the Career Center.


Progress reports are required for every new student-athlete (freshmen and transfers) for the first year and are given to each instructor by the student-athlete. This communication with faculty is essential to academic success. If a progress report indicates any concerns, a follow-up meeting and or additional resources will be required. Progress reports are also required for all student-athletes that remain in the Grizz after their freshman year so continued monitoring can occur.

The Grizz ACADEMIC Center for Graduates and Champions
All incoming student-athletes are required to complete academic study hours in the Grizz. These hours will be determined by your coach in consultation with the Student Services Staff. These monitored study hours are to assist you in your academic career and are the responsibility of each individual student-athlete. This scheduled study time is to assist in your transition to the college setting and aid in proper time management.

  • Electronic devices in the Grizz may not be used for any online social networks. Violators will be suspended with penalties arranged by the head coach and/or the Student Services Staff.
  • Cell phones must be turned off, not placed on vibrate
  • Socializing and sleeping are prohibited
  • Be attentive and use your time wisely
  • It is the responsibility of the student-athlete to sign in and out of the Grizz with the monitor at the front desk

The hours of the Grizz are as follows:
Monday-Thursday: 9:00 am-9:00 pm
Friday: 9:00 am-5:00 pm
Sunday: 5:00 pm-9:00 pm

Tutorial assistance is available free of charge for all student-athletes regardless of their current academic standing through the Academic Skills Center in 103 North Foundation Hall and evening hours in Vandenberg Hall. Use the link below to access all of the available resources and to schedule a time to meet with a tutor: . If you need additional assistance, please consult the Athletic Academic Adviser or Assistant Athletic Director for Student Services. Do not wait until it is too late before you seek academic assistance! See a member of the Student Services Staff if you have questions or concerns with any of your classes.


Responsibility for class attendance rests with each student-athlete. Regular and prompt attendance at all scheduled classes (i.e., lectures, laboratory sessions, field experience) for which a student-athlete is registered is required. Student-athletes are expected to actively participate in class sessions, complete all assignments promptly, and adhere to university policies associated with academic conduct. It is against NCAA rules to miss class for practice, required meetings, or conditioning.

A letter with all scheduled contests will be given to every student-athlete indicating the dates and times of travel. It is your responsibility to discuss these dates with each of your instructors. In the event a student-athlete needs to miss class for competition, he/she shall follow the guidelines of the university-wide excused absence policy:

Oakland University Excused Absence Policy
Final Draft - 11/01/07

I. Definition

  • This policy for university excused absences applies to participation as an athlete, manager or student trainer in NCAA intercollegiate competitions, or participation as a representative of Oakland University at academic events and artistic performances approved by the Provost or designee.
  • Practice or rehearsal for any event is not eligible for consideration as an excused absence.
  • This policy excludes those academic endeavors that require the completion of a predetermined number of clock hours, as in clinical experiences, practica or internships. In these instances, the maximum number of absences will be determined by the program director, department chair, or academic dean. This policy does not supersede program accreditation requirements. Departmental practices and procedures should be consistent with this policy.
II. Student Rights and Responsibilities
  • Students shall inform their instructors of dates they will miss class due to an excused absence prior to the date of that anticipated absence. For activities such as athletic competitions whose schedules are known prior to the start of a term, students must provide their instructors during the first week of each term a written schedule showing days they expect to miss classes. For other university excused absences students must provide each instructor at the earliest possible time the dates that they will miss.
  • Make up work
    • It is the responsibility of the student to request from the instructor an opportunity to complete missed assignments, activities, labs, examinations or other course requirements in a timely manner.
    • Students are responsible for all material covered in classes that they miss, even when their absences are excused, as defined above.
    • Missed classroom activities will be rescheduled at the discretion of the instructor.
  • Students should be aware that excessive absences-whether excused or unexcused-may affect their ability to do well in the class(es).
  • Any student who feels that he or she has been treated unfairly concerning absences may appeal via the unit's grievance procedure or the Dean of Students.
III. Faculty Responsibility
  • Instructors are responsible for providing students with an equitable way to make up missed work due to an absence excused by this policy.
  • Instructors should inform students in a timely manner of procedures to make up missed work, e.g., including the information in the course syllabus.
  • Instructors may not penalize students for absences excused by this policy.
  • If the faculty member believes that the number of excused absences will prevent the student from fulfilling the learning experience/mastery that a course requires, the faculty member may advise the student to withdraw from the course prior to the official published withdrawal date.
IV. Violation of the Oakland University Code of Student Conduct and Academic Conduct Regulations
  • Falsifying information or documentation in order to obtain an excused absence is considered a violation of the Code of Student Conduct and Academic Conduct Regulations.
  • Sharing information about a make-up examination or quiz with other students is deemed a violation of the Code of Student Conduct and Academic Conduct Regulations.
  • All allegations of falsifying information or documentation in order to obtain an excused absence or sharing examination or quiz information will be reported to the Dean of Students for adjudication through the University Judicial System.
  • Anyone found responsible for falsifying information or documentation in order to obtain an excused absence or sharing examination or quiz information may receive a course grade of 0.0, as determined by the course instructor, in addition to any sanction (s) imposed by the Academic Conduct Committee.
Student - Athlete Registration Process
  • Student-athletes shall be notified of the registration dates for each regular academic term through an e-mail from Student Services.
  • A "hold" will be placed on all student-athletes' accounts within the Banner system. This "hold" shall remain on the student's record for the duration of eligibility/athletics participation at Oakland University or until such time that a coach has processed a Change of Status form. This hold prevents each student-athlete from proceeding with any registration activity without the permission of the Athletic Department.
  • Student-athletes must consult with their degree program adviser prior to the registration period.
  • Student-athletes must come with a signed Monitoring form from their academic adviser within the appropriate school/college in order to be able to complete registration.
  • Student-athletes need to have all student account holds (i.e., financial, special programs, major status) resolved prior to registering. Any outstanding holds, other than athletics, appearing on the student record will prohibit registration.
  • Courses in which an instructor's signature is required must be completed by the student-athlete prior to registration.
  • As prescribed by the specific dates and times established for registration, student-athletes report to the assigned computer lab
    • Each student-athlete must sign in
    • A member of the Student Services staff must verifying adviser approval (i.e., of degree credits) and a minimum of 16 semester hours on the Monitoring form
    • The student-athlete follows the on-line registration process to add courses for the appropriate terms
    • A member of the Student Services staff will check the registration after completion of the on-line process
  • The registration schedule established by the Office of the Registrar and the Department of Athletics is the only time student-athletes are permitted to register on-line; if any changes need to be made, an add/drop slip must be filled out and given to a member of the Student Services staff for processing
  • Any student-athlete that has a conflict with the registration schedule must contact the Athletics Academic Adviser. These student-athletes will be assisted in completing the registration process.
  • Student-athletes must initially register for a minimum of 16 semester hours, unless extenuating circumstances exist.
Student-Athletes with a Designated Degree Program
Student-athletes who have designated a major should be working strongly with the professional advisor in the particular department of their degree program. Athletic department staff will still be involved for making any changes to one's status, or consulting on eligibility issues. The professional advisor and the athletic staff will communicate, but the student-athlete is expected to keep both sides informed of all issues and/or concerns with their academic program. Consult your Student-Athlete Handbook for the numbers and locations of each department to set up an appointment.

If a double major is declared, consultation from the Student Services Staff is required. Specific NCAA rules need to be followed.


The Athletic Academic Adviser's goals are to assist undecided student-athletes with their academic goals, develop programs that enhance the awareness of career exploration, provide guidance using tutorial assistance programs, and connect undecided student-athletes to campus resources.

The Athletic Academic Adviser can assist undecided student-athletes with:

  • Personal, social, athletic and academic concerns.
  • Course selection to comply with NCAA and Oakland University academic/eligibility requirements.
  • Choosing an academic major.
  • Connecting with professional advisers within the various colleges and schools.
  • Career exploration.
  • Referrals to the Advising Resource Center.


Student-athletes who are considering a change in major or degree program must see the Athletics Academic Adviser as well as the appropriate professional adviser in the school or college. A "Preliminary Eligibility Report" must be initiated by the student-athlete and then completed by the adviser in the school or college in which you wish to change your degree. This form ensures that you are making appropriate progress for NCAA rules in the new major BEFORE the change is made. The ability to properly monitor your satisfactory progress is contingent upon consultation with the advisers. The athletic department will notify you of the results of this preliminary evaluation BEFORE the change is made.

Failure to follow appropriate steps in the "change of major" process, could lead to negative effects on your NCAA eligibility.

The Student Services Staff is here to assist you, so please use them as a resource for your academic success!

Holly Kerstner
Holly Kerstner
Senior Associate AD for Student-Athlete Services/SWA
Evan Dermidoff
Evan Dermidoff
Athletics Academic Advisor

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