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Did you know?
Each of the following qualifies an individual as a "Representative of Oakland's Athletic Interests:"

  • Alumnus
  • Contributes to the athletic department
  • A member of an agency/organization who provides support/funding to the athletic department
  • Provides benefits (i.e., employment) to enrolled student-athletes; or
  • Otherwise promotes OU athletics in any other way
  • Once identified as such a representative, you retain this identity FOREVER, active or non-active. As a representative, you are bound by NCAA legislation and Oakland University is held accountable for your actions!

Participation in any non-permissible activity, as outlined by the NCAA, could result in any of the following:

  • A prospect declared ineligible to represent OU;
  • A student-athlete declared ineligible to compete;
  • The entire team declared ineligible to compete in any Summit League or NCAA competition;
  • NCAA sanctions imposed on the University;
  • Your involvement with the OU athletics program being restricted or revoked.



Who is a Prospective Student-Athlete (PSA)?

    A prospective student-athlete is a student that has started classes for the ninth (9th) grade. A prospect remains labeled as such even after signing a National Letter of Intent or financial aid agreement to attend OU. An individual keeps their "prospective student-athlete" label until one of the following occurs (whichever is earlier): the start of classes at OU; official registration and enrollment for the summer prior to initial enrollment in conjunction with athletic aid; the beginning of official team practice immediately prior to the start of classes.
    Please be aware that you may not make in-person, on or off-campus recruiting contacts with a prospect!
Relative to prospects, you may not directly or indirectly:
  • Employ relatives or friends of a prospect;
  • Provide clothing or equipment;
  • Co-sign a loan of any kind;
  • Provide a loan to a PSA's relatives or friends;
  • Give cash or like items;
  • Provide any tangible items, including merchandise of any kind;
  • Provide free or reduced-cost services, rentals or purchases of any type;
  • Provide free or reduced housing;
  • Provide any type of transportation.

Frequently asked questions regarding prospective student-athletes

As a booster, can I...

  • Entertain relatives or friends of a prospect at any off- campus site? NO!
  • Make contact with a prospect and his/her parents on an official visit to the campus? NO!
  • Visit a school to pick up a transcript of film to evaluate a prospect? NO!
  • Contact a coach, principal or counselor to evaluate a prospect? NO!
  • Reimburse the coach of a prospect for expenses incurred in transporting a prospect to visit the campus? NO!
  • Entertain high-school, prep school or junior college coaches at any location? NO!
  • Pay in whole or in part registration fees, associated with summer sports camp for a specific prospect? NO!
  • Provide cash or the use of a vehicle to the prospect or student-host on his/her official visit to the campus? NO!
Unavoidable Incidental Contact
    There are times when you will come into contact with a prospect that is unavoidable. During such a contact, conversation with a prospect may involve only normal civility and no recruitment may take place. Any contact that occurs at a prospect's home, school, or at the site of a practice or contest is not considered incidental and will be deemed a violation of NCAA recruiting rules.



Frequently asked questions regarding enrolled student-athletes

As a booster, can I...

  • Provide any benefit or special arrangement to a student-athlete or his/her friends? NO!
    • The NCAA considers special arrangements/preferential treatment as an "Extra Benefit" which are prohibited. A few examples are:

    • a special discount;
    • credit on a purchase;
    • a loan of money in any amount;
    • a guarantee of bond;
    • the use of an automobile;
    • free tickets to a concert/sporting event; or
    • special privileges at your restaurant, place of business.
  • Donate or provide funds to entertain a student- athlete, family or friends? NO!
    • Please be aware that you are not even permitted to buy a student- athlete, family or friends a soft drink or hot dog at an athletic event or at a commercial enterprise.
  • Use the name or picture of a student-athlete to advertise or promote sales or use of a commercial product or service? NO!
  • Pay or provide the actual and necessary expenses incurred by relatives or friends to visit an enrolled student-athlete? NO!
  • Provide a gift or award to a student-athlete for his/ her athletics performance? NO!

NCAA regulations strictly govern the benefits a student-athlete may receive. Before you provide a current student-athlete with a meal, a ride, a gift, or any other benefit not available to all OU students, please contact the head coach or the Comp



What can you do to help?

Identify prospective student-athletes.
If you know or are aware of outstanding prospective student-athletes in your community, send information (e.g. newspaper clippings, competition results) to the respective coach, or telephone the coach and provide the information you have. Let the coach take it from there! Remember, you may not contact prospects (including parents or guardians) directly.

Provide summer jobs and internships to currently enrolled student-athletes.
If you have, or know of, positions in your business or community which can be filled by a student-athlete, you may contact the athletic department. We can provide names for those who might be interested and qualified. Remember, pay for these jobs must be at the same rate as others in that position.

You can have occasional contact with enrolled student-athletes.
You may infrequently or on special occasion, invite a student-athlete or an entire team for dinner at your home; the meal must be provided in an individual's home (as opposed to a restaurant) and may be catered. Reasonable local transportation may be provided to the student-athlete(s) to attend the meal function only if the meal is at the home of that representative. Please seek approval from the head coach or the Compliance Coordinator before extending any invitations. Due to the complexity of NCAA rules, this brochure should not be relied upon exclusively. Compliance with NCAA and Summit League regulations is of the highest priority for our athletics programs. Oakland needs and wants your help in the maintenance of NCAA rules. If you have any questions, please contact the Athletics Department at (248) 370-4927.


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