Jan. 15, 2015

INDIANAPOLIS - For the third consecutive semester, Oakland paced the Horizon League with 125 student-athletes meeting Honor Roll criteria. The 2014 Fall Academic Honor Roll is comprised of 808 student-athletes representing all nine Horizon League institutions and each of the 19 league sponsored sports.

Candidates for the Honor Roll must meet three criteria in order to qualify: 1) participation in at least one of the League's 19 sports during the most recent (or current) season; 2) completion of three semesters (or four quarters, where applicable) as a full-time student at the same member institution; and 3) a cumulative grade-point average of at least 3.20 (on a 4.00 scale).

Oakland was followed closely by Valparaiso with 115. Milwaukee improved its numbers once again by placing 112 student-athletes, while Wright State also increased by positioning 84 to receive accolades. Detroit honors 80 student-athletes as Green Bay and Youngstown State tally 75, respectively. Cleveland State contributed 67 and UIC rounding out the conference accumulating 63 student-athletes on the Honor Roll.

With 108 student-athletes garnering accolades, women's soccer led all Horizon League sports on the Fall Honor Roll. Women's track and field/cross country also hit triple digits with 100, while men's soccer grew its numbers by placing 80 to lead all male sports. Contributing 76, men's track and field/cross country was the fourth-highest sport represented and women's swimming and diving was close behind with 64. Baseball honored 57 student-athletes, with softball (57) and men's swimming and diving (50) next on the list. Contributing at least 30 student-athletes, women's tennis (38) and women's basketball (34) closed out the female sports. Men's golf (28), men's tennis (22) and men's basketball (13) rounded out the League sponsored sports.

Complete List of All Oakland Academic Honor Roll Qualifiers (by sport)
Doug Beath, Sr., 3.22, Communication
Joe Buchalski, Jr., 3.56, Mechanical Engineering
Kendall Colvin, So., 3.28, Communication
Connor Fannon, So., 3.34, Pre-Business Administration
Collin Gee, Jr., 3.34, Pre-Business Administration
Jason Hager, Sr. 3.46, Training and Development
Tyler Janish, Jr., 3.94, Health Sciences
Jonah Lakatos, Jr., 3.38, Communication
Spencer Marentette, Sr., 3.97, Creative Writing
Lucas Scocchia, Sr., 3.30, Finance
Men's Basketball
Corey Petros, Sr., 3.43, Business Administration
Women's Basketball
Peyton Apsey, Sr., 3.70, BDTS Spec in Med Lab Sciences
Amy Carlton, Sr., 3.66, Physical Therapy
Zakiya Minifee, Sr., 3.58 Communication
Olivia Nash, Jr., 3.47 Pre-Business Administration
Elena Popkey, Jr. 3.60 Marketing
Sinclair Russell, So., 3.53, Pre-Business Administration
Men's Golf
Evan Bowser, Jr., 3.49, General Management
Jacob Johnson, So., 3.79, Pre-Business Administration
Nick Park, Jr., 3.87, Industrial & Systems Egr
Alex Waelchli, Jr., 3.38, Biology
Women's Golf
Alyssa Albright, Jr., 3.73, Journalism
Jazmin Haque, So., 3.20, Biomedical Sciences
Erin Kerr, So., 3.42, Pre-Business Administration
Marianna Stepp, Sr., 3.24, Pre-Human Resource Development
Haylee Zyber, Jr., 3.33, Pre-Wellness Health Promotion Injury and Prevention
Men's Soccer
Cody Archibald, Sr., 3.28, Health Sciences
Matt DeLang, Sr., 3.80, Health Sciences
Gavin Hoy, Sr., 3.53, Pre-Business Administration
Chase Jabbori, Jr., 3.55, Biology
Derek Nowak, Sr., 3.88, Business Economics
Dylan Schauder, Sr., 3.36, Pre-Integrative Studies
Eliott Tarney, Jr., 3.22, Psychology
Joey Tinnion, Sr., 3.68, History w/Secondary Ed
Women's Soccer
Julianne Boyle, Sr., 3.93, Health Sciences
Alison Holland, So., 3.20, Mechanical Engineering
Brianne Horne, Jr., 3.43, Health Sciences
Jamie Horne, Jr., 3.47, Health Sciences
Kyla Kellermann, Sr., 3.67, Psychology
Victoria Lloyd, So., 3.98, Biomedical Sciences
Kayla Owens, Sr., 3.64, Industrial & Systems Egr
Aly Rawson, So., 3.76, Pre-Wellness Health Promotion, Injury and Prevention
Sarah Reynolds, Jr., 3.48, General Management
Lauren Rybicki, So., 3.54, Undecided Health Sciences
Jordan Sargent, Sr., 3.81, English w/Secondary Education
Katrina Stencel, Sr., 3.75, Finance
Jenna Taylor, Sr., 3.75, Marketing
Katy Wagner, Jr., 3.69, Mechanical Engineering
Sarah Hartley, Jr., 3.67, Health Sciences
Courtnee Johnson, Sr., 3.56 Counseling
Jackie Kisman, Sr., 3.76 Elementary Education
Laura Pond, Sr., 3.51, Health Sciences
Kaley Waalkes, So., 3.32, Psychology
Men's Swimming & Diving
Mitch Alters, Jr., 3.26, Health Sciences
Aleksander Danielewski, So., 3.92, Electrical Engineering
John Ferrara, Jr., 3.56, Health Sciences
Aaron Helander, Jr., 3.57, Biology
John Lubisco, Sr., 3.36, Pre-Business Administration
Jacob Pearson, Jr., 3.52, Integrative Studies
Mario Rusnak, Sr., 3.39, Health Sciences
Hrafn Traustason, Sr., 3.41, Chemistry
Women's Swimming & Diving
Patricia Aschan, So., 3.39, Psychology
Allison Bellford, Sr., 3.55, Health Sciences
Jill Carps, Sr., 3.46, Pre-Business Administration
Nicole Cordero, Jr. 3.74 Graphic Design
Nikki Flynn, Sr., 3.54, Health Sciences
Tricia Grant, Sr., 3.34, Health Sciences
Megan Hunter, Sr., 3.65, Health Sciences
Takara Martin, So., 3.64, Health Sciences
Hannah Oswald, So., 3.49, Health Sciences
Kyra Rietveld, Sr., 3.91, Art History
Bronte Stewart, Sr., 3.38, Pre-Wellness Health Promotion, Injury and Prevention
Melissa VanderMeulen, So., 3.75, Health Sciences
Rachel Waite, So., 3.53, Nursing
Grace Waller, Sr., 3.58, Communication
Kathleen Zintsmaster, Sr., 3.47, Wellness Health, Promotion, Injury and Prevention
Women's Tennis
Tamara Blum, Jr., 3.65, Health Sciences
Karine Celis, Jr., 3.29, Integrative Studies
Maxime Colen, Jr., 3.66, Pre-Human Resource Development
Theresa Elder, Sr., 3.74, Biochemistry
Juliana Guevara , Jr., 3.61, Industrial & Systems Engineering
Cam Sabourin, Sr., 3.43, Psychology
Men's Track & Field/Cross Country
Andrew Bowman, So., 3.55, Env Sci Spec Env Sustn Res Mgt
Jacob Bowman, So., 3.50, Env Sci Spec Env Sustn Res Mgt
Michael Cox, Jr., 3.47, Undecided Health Sciences
Matthew Degraeve, Jr., 3.86, Pre-Integrative Studies
George O'Connor, Jr., 3.37, Communication
Chris Scott, Sr., 3.56, Health Sciences
Nathan Ziolko, Sr., 3.63, Business Administration
Nick Bobek , Sr., 3.20, Health Sciences
C.J. Gozdor, Jr., 3.74, Information Technology
David Koponen, Sr., 3.78, Env Sci Spec Env Sustn Res Mgt
Tim Pfund, Jr., 3.24, Health Sciences
Glen Scott, Jr., 3.47, Undecided Health Sciences
Women's Track & Field/Cross Country
Lindsey Bellinger, So., 3.31, Psychology
Leigh Bravender, Sr., 3.28, Health Sciences
Morgan Bridgewater, Jr., 3.48, Pre-Elementary Education
Ashley Burr, So., 3.51, Health Sciences
Jenae Curley, Sr., 3.79, Biology
Miranda Haas, Jr., 3.93, Biology
Meagan Joiner, Sr., 3.25, Elementary Education
Karli Keur, Jr., 3.36, Social Work
Sammy Mondry, So., 3.36, Pre-Elementary Education
Cassandra Peterson, Sr., 3.26, Health Sciences
Lydia Stanley, So., 3.25, CJ Spec in Law Enforcement
Courtney Stauffer, Sr., 3.72, CJ Spec in Law Enforcement
Meghan Daly, Sr., 3.62, Finance
Elizabeth Girardot, Jr., 3.80, Elementary Education
Makayla Huddleston, So., 3.70, Nursing (Direct Admit)
Hayley MacDonald, Jr., 3.77, Health Sciences
Cady Pozolo, Sr., 3.70, Marketing
Kelly Ray, So., 3.65, Pre-Nursing
Serena San Cartier, Sr., 4.00, Psychology
Natalie Stone, Jr., 3.60, Undecided Health Sciences
Amanda Baker, Sr., 3.96, Health Sciences
Sammy Condon, So., 3.55, Pre-Elementary Education
Melissa Deatsch, So., 3.60, Journalism
Jessica Dood, So., 3.30, Undecided Health Sciences
Mary Grassano, Jr., 3.55, Health Sciences
Rachel Grier, So., 3.26, Pre-Business Administration
Alli Gutschow, So., 3.61, Health Sciences
Taylor Humm, Sr., 3.65, Industrial & Systems Egr
Allia Knight, Jr., 3.67, Pre-Wellness Health Promotion, Injury and Prevention
Brooke Wadsworth, Sr., 3.71, Accounting


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