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LIGHTS! The OU Soccer Field boasts one of the premier natural turf playing surfaces in the region. The addition of lights on this facility will have a prominent impact on the campus, the community and OUr teams.
You can play a vital role in making OUr dream a reality!
  • Accommodates night contests and activities.
  • Provides for the development of national level varsity soccer and collegiate lacrosse club programs.
  • Enhances the recruitment of high level prospective student-athletes.
  • Enhances scheduling; attracting high profile programs from around the country.
  • Meets NCAA and conference requirements to host tournament and televised games.
  • Enhances campus life opportunities.
  • Enhances community outreach opportunities.
  • Provides opportunities for camps, clinics, and local club usage.
  • Completes first stage of stadium development
GRIZZLIES! Lights on the OU Soccer Field take all the Golden Grizzlies to prime time!
  • Oakland Soccer is synonymous with excellence. The men's and women's programs boast an incredible record of achievement in fulfilling Oakland Athletics mission of Graduates & Champions!
  • Oakland Lacrosse has long been one of the most successful collegiate club programs. The men's and women's programs have garnered excellence at the state, regional and national levels.
  • Oakland's intramural program continues to experience growth and participation on an annual basis. Let's provide these Golden Grizzlies with a top rate venue for championship contests!
  • Oakland's students and fans love to see their teams in action. Let's provide the on campus action at a time when they can ALL attend!
ACTION! This is OUr Golden Opportunity. Together, let's "Flip the Switch" on the OU Soccer Field.


"The bottom line is that lighting the soccer field should make us more competitive. Night games allow us to increase attendance, create a twelfth man attitude through Grizz Gang/Student involvement, garner community support and increase our recruiting power. All of which can push the Women's program to new heights."

- Nick O'Shea, women's soccer head coach

"We already have one of the best natural grass playing surfaces in the nation, and with the addition of lights, we are talking about a big time NCAA Division I soccer atmosphere. We feel like that will draw crowds, exposure, and most importantly, allow us to recruit some of best collegiate soccer players in the world."

- Eric Pogue, men's soccer head coach

Donation Form

For additional information please contact Gina DeMartis or Gordie Lindsay at 248.370.2669

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