Oakland University Department of Athletics
Mission Statement

  • In alignment with the educational mission of Oakland University - we dedicate our energy and resources to the betterment of our Student-Athletes.
  • Our mission is to guide, encourage and support our Student-Athletes as they strive for excellence - academically, athletically and socially.
  • Above all else, we produce graduates, champions and friends of the University.

Core Values
Six Core Values guide and govern our actions at all times and in all our affairs. They define "what we stand for" and "what we won't stand for." They include:

1. Excellence
We have an excellent attitude and outlook. We strive for excellence in all we do.

2. Service
We approach all of our relationships with a spirit of service.

3. Respect
We treat ourselves and others with dignity, kindness and respect.

4. Accountability
We are thoughtful with the use of our resources. We are personally accountable for our actions. We are an important part of a great team.

5. Discovery
We place a strong emphasis on discovery. We are always searching for more efficient and effective ways to get things done.

6. Integrity
At all times, and in all our affairs, we strive for integrity. We know that the right thing to do is the only thing to do.

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