#WEARtheBEAR Podcast Hosted by Neal Ruhl

Oakland University Athletics launched its #WEARtheBEAR podcast series presented by Evans Law Group as another opportunity to highlight each of its varsity programs

The podcast, hosted by Oakland Director of Broadcasting Neal Ruhl, features interviews and news from student-athletes, coaches and athletics administration. Fans can subscribe for free on iTunes and SoundCloud by searching for #WEARtheBEAR. The audio podcast provides in-depth interviews and additional coverage to all of Oakland University Athletics.

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Episode 1 -- #OaklandMSOC: Eric Pogue and Austin Ricci
Episode 2 -- #OaklandVB: Rob Beam
Episode 3 -- #OaklandXC: Paul Rice and Bryce Stroede
Episode 4 -- #OaklandWSOC: Juan Pablo Favero
Episode 5 -- #OaklandTennis: Heather Redshaw and "Dasha" Artamonova
Episode 6 -- #OaklandMGOLF: Nick Pumford
Episode 7 -- #OaklandVB: Rob Beam and Sammy Condon
Episode 8 -- #OaklandWSOC: Juan Pablo Favero and Cecilie Dokka
Episode 9 -- #OaklandWGOLF: Alyssa Gaudio and Elle Nichols
Episode 10 -- #OaklandXC: Paul Rice and Rachel Levy
Episode 11 -- #OaklandMSOC: Eric Pogue and Wilfred Williams
Episode 12 -- #OaklandWSOC: Juan Pablo Favero and Emma Voelker
Episode 13 -- #OaklandVB: Rob Beam and Jordan Lentz
Episode 14 -- #OaklandMSOC: Eric Pogue and Nyal Higgins
Episode 15 -- #OaklandWGOLF: Alyssa Gaudio and Alexis Jones
Episode 16 -- #OaklandMGOLF: Nick Pumford and Connor Jones
Episode 17 -- #FromMyChair: Oakland AD Jeff Konya
Episode 18 -- #OaklandWSOC: Juan Pablo Favero and Nessa Ogbonna
Episode 19 -- #OaklandXC: Paul Rice and Jake Bowman
Episode 20 -- #OaklandMSOC: Eric Pogue
Episode 21 -- #OaklandVB: Rob Beam and Darien Bandel
Episode 22 -- #OaklandSD: Pete Hovland
Episode 23 -- #FromMyChair: Oakland AD Jeff Konya
Episode 24 -- #OaklandMSOC: Eric Pogue and Wes Wink
Episode 25 -- #OaklandVB: Rob Beam and Jamie Walling
Episode 26 -- #OaklandWSOC: Juan Pablo Favero and Vlad Gurovski
Episode 27 -- #OaklandSD: Pete Hovland
Episode 28 -- #OaklandXC: Paul Rice and Andy Bowman
Episode 29 -- #OaklandMSOC: Eric Pogue and Zach Walker
Episode 30 -- #OaklandVB: Rob Beam and Krysteena Davis
Episode 31 -- #OaklandWBB: Jeff Tungate
Episode 32-- #OaklandSD: Pete Hovland and Holly Morren
Episode 33-- #OaklandMBB: Greg Kampe
Episode 34-- #OaklandMBB: Martez Walker
Episode 35-- #OaklandWBB: Jeff Tungate
Episode 36-- #OaklandMBB: Greg Kampe
Episode 37-- #OaklandWBB: Jeff Tungate
Episode 38-- New Video Boards with Director of Facilities, Andy Adrianse
Episode 39-- #OaklandTF: Tanisha Johnson and Paul Rice
Episode 40-- #OaklandTF: Paul Rice
Episode 41-- #OaklandSD: Pete Hovland
Episode 42-- #OaklandWBB: Jeff Tungate
Episode 43-- #OaklandTennis: Heather Redshaw and Darya Maltseva
Episode 44-- #OaklandWSOC Juan Pablo Favero
Episode 45-- #OaklandSB Lauren Cognigni
Episode 46-- #OaklandBB Jacke Healey
Episode 47-- #OaklandBB Colin Kaline and Nate Schweers
Episode 48-- #OaklandSB Lauren Cognigni and Madison Jones

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Episode 1-- Time to Start the Season with the Grizzlies
Episode 2-- How Are The Golden Grizzlies Shaping Up This Season Thus Far?
Episode 3-- A Rough Road Trip for the Grizzlies
Episode 4 -- Talking Tom Ford Night & LiAngelo Ball
Episode 5 -- Christmas Time!
Episode 6 -- The Golden Grizzlies Will Be Off To A Fast Start In 2018!
Episode 7 -- Coach is ON FIRE on Today's Greg Kampe Show
Episode 8 -- It's an Ask Kampe Edition of the Coach's Show!
Episode 9 -- The Players Show
Episode 10 -- Rivalry Week!
Episode 11 -- Senior Week!
Episode 12 -- March Madness is Here!

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