Oakland University SwimEx

Oakland University's state of the art athletic training facility proudly features a SwimEx pool. Oakland University is the third university in Michigan to equip its athletic training room with a SwimEx.

The SwimEx can be used during all stages of rehabilitation. It provides a medium for safe and effective progression from non-weight bearing activities to full weight bearing. The SwimEx is an excellent means of maintaining or enhancing cardiovascular fitness without placing added stress on the injured body part.

The SwimEx 700T, a six foot pool, features eight work stations, including plyometric pads, benches and steps for both open and closed kinetic chain exercises, an angled running platform and a deep water running well. The SwimEx features two underwater observation windows to allow for analysis of technique.

The 3,300 gallon pool circulates up to 30,000 gallons of water per minute depending on speed. The paddle wheel design gives the SwimEx a unique "Wall of Water" flow. The Wall of Water enables athletes to run, walk, swim or exercise with minimal stress on the body. It also allows for dynamic use of muscles through the full range of motion and gives the athlete the ability to simulate sport specific activity with a reduced risk of injury.

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