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Sports Nutrition at Oakland University - Fueling for the Win!

Achieving peak performance at the collegiate level requires more than just hard work on the field and in the weight room. Nutrition affects nearly every aspect of sports performance - strength, endurance, speed, mental acuity, and recovery - and proper planning is an essential part of every training program. Athletes are often bombarded with nutrition information, food products and supplements, cafeteria choices, and advice from many "experts." A sports dietitian can help sort through the confusion, guide food choices, and plan for the high level of training athletes endure throughout the season. Nutrition meetings can address performance enhancement, recovery, hydration, pre/post-workout fueling, weight gain, weight loss, body composition, injury prevention and recovery, and eating disorders. At Oakland University, our sports dietitian works in conjunction with coaches, athletic trainers, strength and conditioning staff, physicians, and athletic directors for the health and wellness of student athletes.

Services offered
-Individual nutrition consultations
-Food log nutrient analyses
-Customized meal planning
-Team nutrition talks
-Group cafeteria and grocery store tours
-Travel menus
-Supplement guidance and recommendations
-Assistance reading and understanding lab values and DEXA scans
-Opportunities to participate in research in conjunction with the Exercise Science department


Waller Carrie Aprik
Sports Dietitian
(248) 370-2442


How to make an appointment
Carrie is available to student athletes on Wednesdays and Thursdays in the Oakland University Athletic Training Room. To set up an appointment, speak with your athletic trainer or contact Carrie directly:
Twitter: @nutri4motion

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