Strength and Conditioning

The Strength and Conditioning staff specializes in training each athlete to the best of his or her ability. Our goal is to improve the student-athletes physiological state, develop leadership qualities, and instill a hard work ethic. A definitive plan will be written up for all components of the program, with all variables considered so that the final product is effective. We will train with free weights that require a great deal of effort and concentration. We will use ground based, multi- joint movements arranged and sequenced in a manner that is designed to make our athletes the very best that they can be. We will train for injury prevention, kinesthetic awareness, and athleticism using functional movements. Our program is a year round program consisting of pre-season, in-season, and post-season training regimens. Though training focus will shift throughout the year, we will constantly strive to improve in power, speed, agility, strength, flexibility, and conditioning.

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