Dario DiFazio
Dario  DiFazio

2002 Inductee

Diving 1994-95

DiFazioUnveiling2002.jpg (30844 bytes)In just two seasons, Dario Di Fazio managed to become a national champion three times, was titled NCAA Division II Diver of the Year (1994), and was a part of two national team championships. But that wasn't unordinary for this extraordinary athlete.

Di Fazio is one of the most decorated athletes OU has come across. Representing his home country, Venezuela, in two Olympics (1992, 1996), Di Fazio was also a seven-time South American champion and a 39-time Venezuelan national champion.

Di Fazio holds every school, pool and GLIAC record in both the one-meter and three-meter diving boards, and the NCAA Division II record on the one-meter. Di Fazio won the NCAA Division II title on both the one and three meter boards in 1994 and the one-meter title in 1995.

Undefeated in his college career, Di Fazio has continued his love and expertise in diving through coaching at both the collegiate and national levels. Di Fazio was a four-time USA National Team Coach (1999-2002) and is currently the assistant diving coach at the University of Miami (Florida). At Miami, Di Fazio guides what is considered to be the top diving program in the country.

A Management Information Systems graduate of OU, Di Fazio resides in Miami with his wife, Gigi.

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