2017 Baseball Senior Day Quotes
May 20, 2017

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Kendall Colvin

Kendall is accompanied by his parents Ken and Tonda and fiancé CorBeth.

His top accomplishments at Oakland include earning his degree, working with OUCares and starting against Michigan State his freshmen year.

Kendall's top Oakland baseball memory is the relationships he has built with his teammates over the years.

Co-head coach Colin Kaline had this to say about Kendall:

"Kendall has done everything we asked of him with a smile on his face. He has had arm issues that he has fought through and always did with great energy and enthusiasm. His ability to keep things loose for those around him will be greatly missed."

Aaron Dehn

Aaron is accompanied by his mother Julie.

In his first start of the 2016 season, Aaron picked up the win over Pepperdine on opening day, becoming the first Oakland starting pitcher to earn an opening day win since 2007. In his first season in 2015, he threw a complete game in a win over Youngstown State and was also on the mound against Southern Miss in which the Golden Grizzlies took two of three games from the Golden Eagles.

His favorite memory was playing "Mafia" on the bus with the guys on their many road trips.

Co-head coach Jacke Healey had this to say about Aaron:

"Aaron came to Oakland three years ago and was inserted into the rotation from day one. He has had success in every role we have asked of him. He has been a great teammate and is always there to bring a smile to your face. His humor and ability to make his teammates enjoy the game will be missed."

Connor Fannon

Connor is accompanied by his parents Keith and Kelly

His top accomplishments at Oakland are earning his bachelor's degree with a 3.3 grade point average, beating Oklahoma State, Michigan State, Michigan, Central Michigan, Eastern Michigan, and Western Michigan during his career and earning the Community Service award at the Black and Gold Awards.

Connor's favorite memory was working hard every day with a group of great guys and meeting his wonderful girlfriend Darien Bandel.

Co-head coach Colin Kaline had this to say about Connor:

"Connor has excelled at one of the toughest things in sports, being a two-way player. It's a testament to his work ethic, athletic ability and time management. He has pitched in big games all four years and had big hits all four years. He is a special player."

Tyler Janish

Tyler is accompanied by his parents Barb and Jeff and sister Julie.

Tyler's top accomplishments include beating Oklahoma State his freshman year, owning an above .500 record against in-state rivals and being on the winning beach volleyball team his sophomore year.

His favorite memory was meeting a great group of guys that have become lifelong friends.

Co-head coach Jacke Healey had this to say about Tyler:

"Tyler is one of the most dependable players Oakland has had over the past four years. His attention to detail and ability to remain calm in the most intense situations is his greatest tool. He has been a model student, teammate and person since the day he stepped on campus."

Jonah Lakatos

Jonah is accompanied by his parents Kathleen and Drew, brother, Alex, and girlfriend Brenna

His top accomplishments include playing the game he loves for five years at the collegiate level, forming lifelong friendships and earning his undergraduate degree. Jonah is also currently working on his master's degree in public administration.

Jonah's favorite memory was any of the times hanging out with his teammates.

Co-head coach Colin Kaline had this to say about Jonah:

"Jonah has been the heart and voice of this program over his career. He is constantly pushing people to be better and expect more of themselves. His unselfishness is something we could all strive to be better at. He truly cares about people and has been a true leader of men. "

Tyler Pagano

Tyler is accompanied by his parents Paul and Donna, brother Michael and girlfriend Gabby

His top accomplishments include graduating in four years, achieving his dream of playing Division I baseball and forming lifelong friendships.

His favorite memory was beating No. 18 Oklahoma State his freshman year.

Co-head coach Jacke Healey had this to say about Tyler:

"Tyler is one of the hardest working guys we have had here at Oakland. He is constantly looking to better himself as a player and student. His ability to adjust on the fly and handle a variety of situations is his true strength. His leadership is something we will greatly miss and have a difficult time replacing. "

Tyler Palm

Tyler is accompanied by his parents Richard and Cathy and sister Rilee

In his junior season, Tyler threw a complete game shutout against first-place Wright State, becoming the first Oakland pitcher to do so since 2014. His other accomplishments include earning his college degree this spring and forming lifelong friendships during his four years as a Golden Grizzly.

Tyler's favorite memory was his first ever collegiate game at Oklahoma State and being at a big-time ballpark facing a top-25 team.

Co-head coach Colin Kaline has this to say about Tyler:

"Tyler has been a horse for us over the course of his career. You know he is going to compete and give you everything he's got. His consistent approach to how he attacks each day has been a pleasure to watch."

Zach Sterry

Zach is accompanied by his parents Roger and Kim

His top accomplishments are making relationships that will last a lifetime, beating Tyler Palm in golf, and being the all-time leader at Oakland for Grizz hours.

Zach's favorite memories were beating No. 18 Oklahoma State as a freshman and winning on opening day in 2016 at Pepperdine.

Co-head coach Jacke Healey has this to say about Zach:

"Zach is one of the most prolific hitters in Oakland history. He has been a cornerstone in the middle of the lineup since day one. He is not only a great player, but an even better person and teammate. His highly competitive nature will carry him very far in anything he does after Oakland. "



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