Bader Excels Behind The Arc And In Classroom
Bader ranked second in 3's last season in all of the NCAA.

Oct. 26, 2012

Work ethic on the court is what makes Oakland redshirt junior guard Travis Bader one of the best 3-point shooters in America. Anytime you walk by the O'rena, chances are good you will see Bader working on the shot that allowed him to make the second-most 3-point shots in the country last year. That same work ethic in the classroom is what has allowed Bader to earn a bachelor's degree in communication in only three years, and has him on pace to get a master's degree when his playing days at Oakland are over.

"My dad always told me that since I was going to be here for five years, you can easily finish your undergrad and move on to get your master's. Doing that would paint a good picture for my future," Bader said, who took a redshirt season upon his arrival at Oakland. "He also told me that people would look at that as a great accomplishment, getting a Master's in five years."

Bader says he takes a lot of pride in the fact he focuses on academics first.

"This shows that I do focus on being a student first. I don't take my education for granted. I'm thinking about more than basketball."

That type of forward thinking has put Bader in a position to be well prepared for what lies ahead in life after his playing days are over, whenever that will be.

"It's always been my dream to be a professional player, but at the same time I know things can change in any given moment, so it's important to be ready for life after basketball. Hopefully that moment comes later rather than sooner," Bader said with a smile.

When that moment does come, Bader has given thought to what he wants to do with the rest of his life.

"I could go into coaching, but I have also thought about public relations. Broadcasting is also something I have looked into."

While Bader may not know exactly which field he wants to go into after the ball stops bouncing and the crowd stops cheering, we do know one thing for sure: because of his education, Bader will be prepared for whatever life brings.



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