Nov. 20, 2013

ROCHESTER, Mich. - Oakland basketball players Duke Mondy and Dante Williams will rejoin the team, announced head coach Greg Kampe on Wednesday. Mondy and Williams served a two-game suspension for contests at Cal and No. 15 Gonzaga for violation of team policies.

The university conducted an internal review of the incident that occurred on the recent west coast trip, and it was confirmed that no crime was committed.

"I am at issue with the moral connotations of what occurred, but I work at a public institution where diverse beliefs and ideals are accepted," said Kampe. "It is the consequences of their actions while representing this university that must be addressed.

"It is my belief that the word coach and teacher are synonymous, and I intend on making this a learning experience for the two student-athletes involved and the rest of the team. The entire team will be going through a series of behind-the-scenes workshops and training sessions to address not only this incident, but also additional life skills. The mission of this basketball program is and always has been to educate student-athletes, and that education process needs to be in addition to academics."

Mondy and Williams began practice with the team today. Both players and Coach Kampe are available for comment after practice on Thursday (approximately at 11:30 am).




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