Dec. 7, 2016

ROCHESTER, Mich. - The Emmy Award nominated Oakland All-Access Show returns to Fox Sports Detroit for the sixth-straight year on Wednesday at 6 p.m. This behind-the-scenes series will highlight the men's basketball team, along with showcasing a variety of features on Oakland Athletics.

"I am excited that another year of the All-Access Show is about to air, it has been a very, very good thing for Oakland University and our basketball program," Greg Kampe said. "It gives our fans, our recruits and anybody who has an interest in Oakland basketball, a deep inside look on how we do things, but more importantly, a look at who our kids are and what they stand for."

From December to March there will be four independent shows that will run and rerun on Fox Sports Detroit.

The first episode will highlight Isaiah Brock and his journey to Oakland University, interviews with head coach Greg Kampe in his 33rd season with the Golden Grizzlies, and new coaches Dan Hipsher and Cornell Mann. The show will also touch on the new leadership of Sherron Dorsey-Walker.

Air Dates:
Dec. 7 (6 p.m.)
Jan. 4 (6 p.m.)
Feb. 22 (6 p.m.)
March 15 (6 p.m.)




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