Postgame Quotes

March 2, 2009

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Post Game Quotes

Oakland Head Coach Beckie Francis

On what she talked about in the final time out
“I jumped up and down, had a smile on my face and said, ‘We love situation games!’ We practice that exact situation, over and over again. I said, ‘This is fun! We know what we’re going to do.’ I’m just trying to give them confidence and making them feel it.”

On playing Southern Utah this season in two one-point decision games
“They play like us. They’re fast, they can shoot and they have two good post players. They match up with us really well. Some of the other teams in the league are faster, or really big, but they happen to match up. They have a lot of spite: they didn’t make the tournament, they have no pressure and they have nothing to lose. It’s nice to play in those conditions. They did a great job and hit a lot of shots.”

On Melissa Jeltema’s game-winning shot
“I knew it was in. Even though she was saying that she couldn’t make a shot, I knew she could because she practices that shot all the time.”

On how this is a good game to have before the tournament
“I said at the timeout before last, saying that there must be a reason why God is giving us a game like this. It was a frustrating game. We couldn’t buy a basket and we had great shots. They were hitting everything, so I was saying, ‘Someone must be testing us. Are we going to cave or come through?’ It was a good experience for a close game."

Junior guard Melissa Jeltema

On how it felt to hit the game-winning shot
“I took a lot of shots all game and I kept missing, but in the end, I was confident and I knew I had to take that wide open shot at the end.”



On her trademark corner shot
“Yeah, I practice that a lot. It’s my favorite shot.”

On sending off the seniors with a final home win
“It felt good. It was a rough game, but it felt good.”

On whether there was ever panic
“Not really. We just needed to keep our cool and we did.”

On what Southern Utah did to frustrate Oakland
“They play a sagging man-to-man defense and we’re used to people denying us the ball more. It felt like we were wide open and could shoot whenever they want, so it’s tougher for our offense.”

Senior guard Jessica Pike

On feeding Melissa the game-winning shot
“That defense really picked me up as I tried to drive the lane, but they left MJ wide open and that’s her sweet spot. As soon as I saw her open, I knew she was going to nail it.”

On what was discussed in the final timeout
“We talked about getting a good shot and trying to score. We had to make the shot and sure we got back on defense right away. I actually thought they got a pretty good look at the end and we’re lucky that they didn’t knock that one down. It was a good comeback, so we’re happy.”

On ending the season with a game like this
“The games aren’t going to be blowouts in South Dakota when we go there for the tournament, so it’s kind of good to feel some heat now and get in a pressure situation before we go down there. And pulling off the win on top of it was a nice last home game for me.”

On whether they are feeling confidence now
“We’re feeling pretty good right now. This is probably one of the best seasons Oakland has had since Division I and we’re really confident in ourselves and our defense. It was a low scoring game, so it showed that we played good defense.”

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