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March 19, 2009

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Oakland Head Coach Beckie Francis

Opening Statement
“When I walked in the room and saw all of you, it made me cry. Thanks for your support all year. Sorry we didn’t give a better performance tonight.”

On whether any changes were made in the second half that could have hurt the team
“I really don’t know why we turned the ball over. I said, ‘Are you trying too hard? Are you nervous? Do you want it too much?’ This team doesn’t ever not play hard so it’s not like they didn’t want it. The only thing I can say was that they were trying too hard. They were seeing things that weren’t there and that hurt us. We never got to the free throw line until we got to the second half at the 16 minute mark, which is pathetic. We almost had the same amount of field goals, but they had 19 free throws and we had seven, so that’s the ball game. I thought maybe they were intimidated to go in against their size.”

On when was the last time they played a team like Dayton
“I actually can’t remember. They’re not that tall, but their starting two-guard is 6-1 and their three-guard is 6-1. It was just a different matchup and they’re athletic. What I said to the team was that you can tell the difference between The Summit League and the Atlantic 10 and no offense to The Summit League. It’s just another level of athleticism and they have seven teams in the postseason. This is probably the first time for our league that South Dakota State’s RPI in 30s and 40s and we were in the 60s. But they (the Atlantic 10) probably have six or seven teams like that.”

On any final words about Jessica Pike and April Kidd
“We said in the locker room that we’re not going to be able to replace Pike. Could she win more awards, academically and athletically. She set the standard for any Oakland player. We were complimenting April and from her freshman year to this year has been amazing with her leadership and the way she has taken over games. We don’t have an MVP and we don’t vote for it, but she would be awful close to being in the running for an MVP.”

On Kidd’s play tonight
“I think what happened with April was that we rely on her defense and she relies on her defense. When she gets in foul trouble, she gets taken out of the game. It happened in South Dakota. The first two games there, she was on her way to being MVP of that tournament and in the championship game, she got in foul trouble. You’ve got to feel the officials and she’s done a great job and that’s a reason why we’ve won 26 games. Unfortunately, we rely so much on April’s defense and when she gets in foul trouble, it really hurts. It also hurts her rebounding. She had five tonight and she usually gets nine and that hurts. She usually attacks more. She attacked one time and got her fourth foul getting a charge.”

Senior guard Jessica Pike

On what missing the most out of the second half
“They came with a lot of intensity and we really didn’t match it. I think we were way below them, intensity-wise and I think of our first 10 possessions in the second half, seven were turnovers. We’re not even getting opportunities to score.” On what caused missed opportunities “I think we were rushing. When you have so many turnovers, we had 15 in the second half, and you finally get a shot, you get so excited. We really just rushed ourselves tonight.”

On why the shooting was rushed
“Like I said, I think we were just frustrated. We did not match their intensity. They punched us really early and it knocked us on our heels for the rest of the half.”

On how physical it was on the court
“We’re used to the physical play, but I don’t know if we were used to the size. They were a really big team. We’ve played against height all season long, so we’ve definitely been the underdog there. But, even their guards were big and we couldn’t find a way to get by them tonight.”

On hitting the shot for the lead at the half, then coming into the second half
“It was definitely frustrating. We played them much better in the first half, but why we came the way we did in the second half is a mystery we’ll have to sort out for next year because we don’t want to see that again. It’s just frustrating. We weren’t talking as much and our defense wasn’t there.”

Dayton Head Coach Jim Jabir

Opening Statement
“We beat a very good team today that’s very well-coached. They’re an unorthodox team that plays very hard. I’m very proud of our effort and our youngsters keep surprising us. Our coaches always have us prepared. I thought it was a team effort today and thought we made adjustments in the second half and we really shut them down by taking away some of the things they wanted to do. I’m very impressed with Oakland and I was worried about this team. We made a little history, this being the first time we have ever advanced in a postseason tournament. I’m just very grateful to be sitting here talking about it with you.”

On the first eight minutes in the second half
“What we were doing in the first half was not switching on everything. They were getting players caught on screens and getting jump shots or posting up on the block. Coach Rechlicz she pointed that out and we started switching everything. That was a really big adjustment. We stopped their transition and they really like to come down the court and I thought we did a nice job of getting back. I think we tightened it up and took away the middle a little bit.”

On the size advantage
“I think we were more intimidated with the mismatch than Oakland was and thought it was going to hurt us more than them. I watched their Georgia game and Georgia dwarfs us. I think they know how to handle that very well. I thought that we would get beat to the basket with our size. We’re slower up front than they are and they play five guards sometimes. I was more concerned about that but in the second half, I thought our size made a big difference. I wasn’t pleased with our help, because they would post up our littles on the block and we didn’t get over enough to help in the first half. But we did a better job in the second half.”

On what this win does for the Dayton program
“We’ve had a lot of firsts this year so far. We’ve had the rookie of the year, we’ve gotten to the semifinals of our conference tournament two years in a row and we’ve had back-to-back 20 win seasons. This is also the second year in a row we’ve been in a postseason. To advance was another step and with our youth, I think our future is very, very bright for our program if I don’t mess it up too bad.”



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