Parking at Oakland University

Unlike many college campuses with paid, priority restricted parking, inconvenient lots and miles between classes, Oakland University provides convenient parking on a first-come, first-served basis for students, faculty, staff and guests. And, there are no restrictions on who can have a car on campus.

Parking on OU's 1,441-acre campus is primarily undesignated - people may park in any of the unrestricted parking spaces in 19 well-maintained, lighted lots or in the 550-spot parking structure.

Parking during busy times
Early in the fall and winter semesters are busy times, and parking lots near the main entrance fill quickly. During these busy times, motorists will find parking available in Lot 32 (near Varner Hall), Lot 11 (Pioneer Drive at Ravine Drive), Lot 3 (Meadow Brook Drive at West Oakland Drive) and lot 37 (Pioneer Drive near Library Drive).

Parking Suggestions

  • Minimize stress and anxiety by arriving early to allow enough time to find a parking space.
  • Study the campus map to select different parking lots closest to your destination. If the first lot is full or not available, have a second choice in mind.
  • Take time to explore the campus to see all the available parking areas.
  • Do not risk an accident or ticket by parking illegally. Take time to find a safe and appropriate parking space.
  • During construction, expect some parking areas to be closed.
Overnight Parking
For security reasons, OU permits parking from 2 to 6 a.m. only in Lots 3, 5 and 11.

OU police officers patrol the parking lots, roads and buildings throughout campus 24 hours a day, year-round. Weather permitting, bike patrols also provide patrol services as do student cadets.

Oakland utilizes closed-circuit TV cameras to monitor highly used parking lots to provide additional safety and security.

Blue-light emergency telephones are located throughout campus to provide around-the-clock access to OU police. Students, faculty, staff and visitors may use the phones, free of charge, when emergency assistance is needed.

Speed Limits
Please comply with the posted 15 and 25 mph speed limits and help keep pedestrians and motorists safe. If you exceed the posted speed limit, you may be issued a speeding citation.

Restricted Parking
The campus includes a limited number of restricted parking spaces to accommodate people with special needs. Restricted areas include those for university vehicles, head resident, trailer, handicapped and all loading areas. The OU Police Department may impose restrictions on a limited basis to accommodate parking for special events, including sports and theatre activities. These have been limited to a few days of the academic year. The OU Police Department issues permits for restricted parking areas. For more information, call (248) 370-3000.

OUPD enforce handicap-parking violations
The OU Police Department and Office of Disability Support Services wish to remind the campus community that many people need handicap parking spots and there are consequences for parking there illegally.

Campus Map OU's campus map shows where all the available parking lots are on campus.

Parking Structure
Parking Structure
A three-story parking structure, located next to the lower athletic fields across from Pawley Hall, provides about 550 parking spaces, two-thirds of which are covered.

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